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Save Time, Increase Organization, and Brand Yourself

Save 10 Minutes Per Cut

Save 10 Minutes Per Cut

Eliminating travel to and from your station. Spend more time with each customer or fit more cuts into your day.

Say Goodbye To Tool Clutter

Say Goodbye To Tool Clutter

Designated pockets for each tool mean what you need is always within reach. Never search for a tool again.

Elevate Your Craft

Elevate Your Craft

Our product is a marketing tool for barbers who want to stand out among the competition.


Meet Our Premium Rig

Made from durable, stylish, and eye catching leather imported from Spain.

open icon1) Easy On, Easy Off!
Black metal buckles for quick release.
close icon2) Store Anything
You have the capability to store anything you want in it.
close icon3) Comb & Shear Storage
Two tailored pockets for your scissor comb and clipper comb.
close icon4) Clipper & Trimmer Storage
Two tapered shear pockets to hold your scissors of choice.
close icon5) Clipper Guards
Allows for carefully fitted storage of 4 clipper guards.

What barbers say about us

Customer testimonial

Insane. The Rig is something special, been using it for about a month now and the practicality it offers in my day of work is great. It’s such a high-quality piece of equipment and totally worth the price Cheers SLCKR.
Oscar Mcmillan

Oscar Mcmillan

EVERY BARBER NEEDS THE RIG! This product it’s versatile, stylish, and comfortable. Been using this product in the shop and on the road. Cutting my time down to 10-15 on both places. Highly recommend this if you have a lot of clientele and you’re looking to cut down time from turning. Also when on the road you can easy keep your stuff sanitized and ready to go.
Bam Barrosso

Bam Barrosso

The RIG!!!! One emoji =🔥Where to start..ok for one this is definitely a game-changer! Convenient, clutch, fashionable!!! Purchased my rig in March as a birthday gift and have yet to STOP USING IT! The way it fits on the chest is great. I love the slots that are provided for the combs, sheets, blades, and clippers. Everything just works. I can’t wait to see the next step up and how this innovates the barber culture !!! Keep being great guys.
Matt Pratt

Matt Pratt


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Whenever I'm in the shop, it's the first thing that goes on. Every day, every cut.

Featured Product

The Rig

Each Rig is handmade by leather artisans in Ubrique, Spain using the best materials available. From the utility metals buckles to the soft premium leather, The Rig is built to withstand the wear and tear of daily use.

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