The Rig

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Premium Quality

Each Rig is handmade in Ubrique, Spain. Deemed the "cradle of leather goods," Ubrique is home to leather production for the top designer brands. The artisanship rooted in the town's heritage shines through in each unit of The Rig. 

Design Considerations

The Rig is designed for simplicity and efficiency. We incorporated the tools most commonly used during the course of a haircut and provided a home for them in The Rig. This in an attempt to reduce non-value adding steps and allow for greater mobility and flexibility in the shop or out.



1 Vegan Leather Chest Rig and Protective Dust Bag



Front Plate: 28 x 26 cm

Back Plate: 11 x 21 cm

One size fits most



quick-release metal buckles

2 tapered shear pockets

comb storage

elastic loops for clipper storage

5 gusseted clipper guard pockets